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Goddess Vatsala Devi In Hinduism

Goddess Vatsala Devi is a powerful manifestation of Mother Goddess Durga and sometimes she is also referred to as Vatsala Durga. In Hinduism, this is peaceful and loving form of Mother Goddess Durga. Temples dedicated to Vatsala Devi are found in Nepal.

Manthana Bhairava Tantra refers to Vatsala Devi as one who is loved.

She is considered as heroine who vanquished the demons and has now taken a motherly form for her devotees.

She is also worshipped in Tantra. In it she is propitiated for success, peace and vitality.

This form of Mother Goddess was the tutelary deity of King Jitamitra Malla of Nepal and he had constructed three temple for the deity in Bhaktapur in Nepal.

Goddess Vatsala Devi represented not in human form but in the form of a Kalasha pot with a Sri Yantra atop it. The kalash sprouts abundance of leaves. Thus the Goddess is associated with growth, nourishment and fertility.