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English Translation Of Indu Enage Govinda Song Of Guru Raghavendra Swamy

The song starting with the lines ‘Indu Enage Govinda’ in Kannada was written by Guru Raghavendra Swamy. Here is an English translation of the song.

Show today your feet oh! Govinda
Show them to me oh! Mukunda

How charming your face! The son of Nandagopa!
The support to mandara, Oh! Ananda, the Bhagavan of Indira

Caught in the net of life and death
Wreathed in pain of agony most
Enveloped in darkness, not finding the path I
Fell into dejection killing most

Like a child strayed away from path
Like a father, loving, not minding my lapses
Save me Oh! Krishna, the father of Kama

In ignorant infatuation
How cowardly behaved I
I did not tied with firm resolution
My mind in loyalty to you, bowed not, I
And to sing in supplicant songs
Left all attempts to seek you, oh! Elusive magician!

I became a burden to myself and to others
Strayed far from the path and joined the sinful
None to save me from this maelstrom
Now I come to you for succor
Oh! Noble Venugopala lead me safe, oh! Hari!

Source Translation by Dr Nagaraja Rao published in The Hindu, April 18,1971