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Dyo Chhen –Hindu God’s House In Nepal – Different From Temple

Dyo Chhen is a unique form of worship place in Hinduism in Nepal. Dyo Chhen looks like a house and word also means God’s house. A secret method of worshiping Hindu gods and goddess takes place in it but is different from a Hindu temple. Aagam Dyo Chhen is one such popular place of worship in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

The structure will be used by residents and there will also be designated place worship in the structure. You will find clothes hanging and other day today activities taking place just like in a house in the structure.

The outward appearance of Dyo Chhen is similar to residential houses in Nepal.

Tantric Goddesses, Ashta Matrikas, Ganesha and various forms of Shiva like Bhairava are worshipped in it. Sometimes it serves as the abode of a powerful personal deity, family deity (kula devata) or tutelary deity.

The rituals and pujas offered in the shrine remains a mystery. It is also shared with close members of the clan.

Dyo Chhen has beautiful sculptures especially of Hindu gods and goddesses on the exterior. They also have intricate and beautiful carvings. The house will have toranas, pinnacle, and lions on the entrance.