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Dreaming Of Buying Plantain – Meaning

Dreaming of buying plantain is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means good fortune and change of luck. It also suggests arrival of guests without notice. Dreams of buying plantain also mean you will decide to do experiments with food. It also suggests prayers and rituals

Dream of buying plantain and you are seen worried means sudden crisis in life due to the absence of someone. It also means cooked food going bad and you need to find a quick solution.

Dreams of buying plantain and you are happy and with family or friends means vacation. It also means vacation in place famous for plantain or fruits.

Dreaming of buying plantain and you see sex symbols means you will meet a desired partner. It also means trying out something new in sex.

Dream of buying unusual color plantain suggest you will see weird things. It also means witnessing something that you cannot explain to others.