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Dreaming Of Buying Pepper – Meaning

Dreaming of buying pepper is both good and bad as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be tricked by someone. You might not know the real intention of people and you will follow or help them. Dreams of buying pepper from unknown place mean you will be a victim of prank. It also means you will accuse a person for something when the person is really innocent.

Dream of you buying pepper from a known place means you will meet someone who has similar thought like yours.

Dreaming of buying green, red and black color pepper means luck will be in your favor. It also means you will get sudden wealth.

Dream of pepper falling down after buying means you will face some difficulties but things will improve if you have the willpower and courage to walk through the difficulties.

Dream of pepper rotting or drying or with white patches means lost opportunity which you will regret.

Dreams of buying and then playing with pepper mean child birth in family or happy occasions. There will be get-togethers. It also means gains through agriculture and farming.