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Dreaming Of Buying Pens – Meaning

Dreaming of buying pens is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means soon you will be attending important exams or signing important documents in near future. Dreams of buying pens also mean you will get opportunity to correct a mistake and you should make use of the chance. There will be opportunity for sin redemption or rectify a mistake you had made.

Dream of buying colorful pens is a positive sign and opportunity for progress. It also means an incident haunting you will no longer trouble you.

Dreaming of buying pens and you see yourself in the dream means you will have to explain about certain actions of yours and you might want as if no such thing had happened. You should be careful about all your actions and words. It also means you should be careful while writing down things when in anger or emotionally charged as you might regret it later.

Dreams of buying pens and you see other people in the dream means a certain action of yours might invite unwanted publicity and intervention by other people.

Dreaming of buying pens and you are seen buying other stationary things along with it means important exam or interview in near future. It also means lot of preparation for something important in life soon.