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Bhagavad Gita Chapter XI – Verse 8

But you cannot see Me with these eyes of yours. Therefore I give you divine Sight. Behold My supreme yoga power! (Bhagavad Gita Chapter XI – Verse 8)

You asked Me, whether I thought you fit to see My divine form. No, Arjuna, no human being has ever be held My Universal Form. Neither would you be able to see it with your human eyes. You have seen My manifestations in life, but today you will touch the very substance of My Being. For that I have to give you supersensuous sight. I can do that through My yoga power. I alone can give that realization to man, that spiritual illumination which brings moksha. It is a power that be longs to Me as Ishvara, and when I incarnate for the well-being of mankind, I carry that power with Me. The Incarnations alone can give man that divine in sight.

That spiritual vision comes with the opening of the third eye, the spiritual eye, located between the eyebrows, which is closed in ordinary people. When that eye opens, the field of man’s consciousness changes. It is shifted and enlarged, bringing with it divine perception. One becomes a seer, a rishi, or a prophet.

Every spiritual experience is a step advanced on the path of life. It is a glimpse of Him, towards whom we are travelling. Through the mists we see the mountain peak. Higher and higher we climb, sometimes ascending, sometimes descending, but always progressing. Sometimes the vision is clear, sometimes obscured. But He, who is our goal, stands there, immovable, unchanging, wailing, calling, guiding from a distance! And when we hear His voice, we follow. And who is He? That secret will be revealed only when we come very close, when we rise very high, beyond the worldly, materialistic atmosphere; when we rise to where the air is pure and clear. Then we will see Him, who is far and near, than whom none is greater or smaller, than whom none more subtle or vast – very distant first, but now very near. And great is the surprise, for He for whom we have been seeking in heaven and on earth, in forests and mountain caves and churches and temples and scriptures. He is realized as no other but our own divine Self, our very inner most Existence. He was with us always but we did not know it. We wore a mask and we saw our own reflection masked. We had forgotten that it was a mask. But now we know and the mask is removed. The ego, the personality, is discarded and the Atman shines in His own glory. It is the real ‘I’, the real man.