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Anuvrata In Jainism

Anuvrata is the small vows for the layman in Jainism. In Jain religion, there are five mahavratas (major vows) and five anuvratas (minor vows). Mahavratas require renunciation and are therefore meant for the sramana (recluse). In contrast, anuvratas which are relatively simple, are meant for the sravaka (lay worshiper). Described as essential, for the layman belonging to the Jaina religion, anuvratas are based on the principals of –

  1. Pranatipat-viramana (ahimsa)
  2. Mrsavadaviramana (satya)
  3. Adattadana viramana (not to steal)
  4. Svadar asantosa (to be content with one’s own life)
  5. Iccha parimana (renouncing things not related to one’s essential needs