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Akki Kadubu Seva To Ganesha – Prasad Offering With 480 kg Rice And 240 kg Urad Dal

Akki Kadubu Seva is a unique Prasad or naivedyam offering at the famous Guddattu Mahaganapathi temple at Kundapura near Udupi, Karnataka. The food offering involves making an idli-like dish using 480 kg rice and 240 urad dal. When this much quantity is used for the bhog or prasadam it is referred to as 12 mudi kaduba seva.

A batter is made using rice and urad dal for the dish. Leaves of screw pine are shaped into small cups or small cones and the batter is poured into it and steamed.

The rice and urad dal is soaked and then ground into a batter and fermented overnight. This is then poured into the leaf cylinders or cups or cone and steamed.

Kadubu is offered in many Ganesha temples is coastal Karnataka. In some regions, instead of screw pine (pandanus) leaves, people use jackfruit leaves or turmeric leaves.