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Samavesha In Hindu Philosophy

In Hindu philosophy, Samavesha means a congregation of things at a particular place. If one is allowed to participate in a conference, action is called Samavesha (admission). Philosophically, when one surrenders to God by way of initiation by a religious teacher, he is included as one among the others surrendered. The self is thus endowed with the quality of Samavesha (inclusion).

Grammatically, the culmination of different meanings at a place (and giving the conventional usage of the term) is what is known as Samavesha. For example, the word ahara the root, hr means to bring. Samavesha would stand for not only the intake of food but also the food articles that are digested by the body.

Similarly, the world is known to be protected and kept in existence by God. Here the meaning of the terms, exist and protect, go hand in hand and denote Samavesha.

Those words which change their meanings contextually are not to be included together to provide the same meaning. A tool of wasteful means and one of detrimental means should not be included to mean the same and can never have provided a Samavesha.