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Miracle Of Bhagavan Sri Rama For His Ardent Devotee – Story By Sister Nivedita

In her ‘Master as I Saw Him’, Sister Nivedita tells a beautiful story told about a native soldier in India. He was Raghunath Das, a great lover of God. Raghunath Das was a soldier in the British service, faithful and good and much beloved by his officers. One night, while on duty, he heard a Ram-naam satsang. He tried to stay at his post, but the shout of ‘Jay bolo ramchandra ki jai!; Hail Bhagavan Ramachandra!’ maddened him and he threw away his arms and uniform and joined in the worship. This went on for some time, till reports reached the officer.

He sent for Raghunath Das and asked him whether what he heard was true and if Raghunath knew the penalty for it. Yes, he knew it: He was to be shot! ‘Well,’ said the officer, ‘go away this time, and I shall report it to no one. This time I forgive you. But if the same thing happens again, you must suffer the penalty.’

That night, however, the sentinel heard again the Ram-naam satsang. He did his best not to join them, but it was irresistible. At last he threw all caution to the winds and joined the worshippers till morning. Meanwhile, however, the officer’s trust in Raghunath Das had been so great that he found it difficult to believe anything against him, even on his own confession. So in the course of the night, he visited the outpost to see for himself. Now Raghunath Das was in his place and exchanged word with the officer three times. Satisfied, the officer went back and slept.

In the morning Raghunath Das appeared to report himself and surrender his arms. But the report was not accepted, for the officer told him what he himself had seen and heard. Thunderstruck, the man insisted on being relieved from service. Rama, the Bhagavan, had done this for His servant. Henceforth, in very truth, he decided to serve no other. And he renounced the world and became a vairagi. The story most strongly illustrates God’s love and care for His devotees. But it also shows how greatly attractive worship is for a true lover of God. Even death does not count with him.