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Maari Kaliyan Theyyam – Story – Information

Maari Kaliyan theyyam is performed in an around Madayi Kavu in Kannur region of Kerala. The theyyam also visits homes during the peak monsoon season in Kerala – the Karkidaka Masam. As per information, this theyyam arrives to remove all kinds of bad omens and bad luck. As per Maari Kaliyan theyyam story, the natural calamities that follow heavy monsoon will be alleviated by the appearance of theyyam. The theyyam offers prayers and takes away with him all kinds of contagious diseases. It is believed that Kali and Kala both follow Maari Kaliyan theyyam who drops them in the sea.

The theyyam first appear in Madayi Kavu on Karkidakam 16 (July 31 or August 1). Maari Kaliyan theyyam is one among the six different types of Maari theyyam performed in Kannur region of Kerala in Karkidaka Masam.

Maari Kaliyan wears Mughapala or traditional mask. Traditional melam or drums accompany the Maari Kaliyan theyyam.