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Kuttikkara Bhagavathi Theyyam – Story – Information

Kuttikkara Bhagavathi is a rare theyyam performed during the annual theyyam thira kaliyattam festival in Kannur region. As per information, this is the theyyam of small girl who attained the status of a Goddess. A famous Kuttikkara Bhagavathy story is that of a girl going to lit lamp in a temple across a river on a rainy day.

Kunnuru Desham Namboothiris near Ezhimala had their family deities Vellarkulangara Bhagavathy and Someshwari worshipped on the other bank of Moolakheel River.  A small girl from the Illam used to cross the river to light the evening lamp. Once the girl got caught in a storm and was unable to return back. She prayed fervently to her family deities. The Goddesses appeared before the girl and took her to safety by giving refuge to her in the sanctum sanctorum. The deities gave her a peedam or seat and consecrated her as a deity in the sanctum.

People were calling out the name of the girl from the other bank to see if she is safe. A voice was heard which said Kutti Ikkara (the girls is safe on this side). The name Kutti Ikkara later came to be known as Kuttikkara.

Theyyam of all the important female deities are performed when the theyyam of Kuttikkara Bhagavathy is performed.

Kuttikkara Bhagavathi theyyam is annually performed at Vengara Moolakkeel Kuttikkara Bhagavathy temple near Pazhayangadi (പഴയങ്ങാടി വെങ്ങര മൂലക്കീല്‍ കുട്ടിക്കര ഭഗവതി ക്ഷേത്രം ).

Kuttikkara Bhagavathi Theyyam is noted for her unusually long mudi or religious headgear. The theyyam is performed in this temple usually from February 26 (Makaram 26) to February 14 (Kumbham 2).

In the name of Kuttikkara Bhagavathi theyyam, sometimes Vishnumoorthi theyyam is performed at Vengara. This is because once the main theyyam performer did not have the costume of Kuttikkara Bhagavathi but due to his piety it was announced from the temple that the person can wear another theyyam and it will be seen as Kuttikkara Bhagavathi theyyam.