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Kshetrapalakan Story In Kerala

Kshetrapalakan is a Shaiva deity worshipped mainly in North Kerala in Kerala. A theyyam of Kshetrapalakan is also performed during the annual thira theyyam kaliyattam festival in many kavu, tharavadu and temples in the region. The story of Kshetrapalakan in Kerala is associated with Paramashiva (Shiva) and Goddess Kalaratri.

A demon named Damughan overpowered the Devas with his unfathomable strength and ferociousness. Deva, or demigods, approached Shiva to find a solution. Shiva deputed his student Parashurama to capture Damughan. But Parashurama failed in the mission. This angered Shiva who opened his third eye and from it appeared Goddess Kalaratri.

The Goddess went alone into the battlefield and caused an unimaginable mayhem. She finally caught hold of Demon Damughan, she chopped his head with nail of her little finger and drank his blood.

But the fury of the Goddess continued to increase and now she threatened the very existence of the universe. To calm her down Shiva performed an amorous dance. He tried to invoke the woman in her sexually. Goddess Kalaratri was aroused and she embraced Shiva. A son was born from this divine union and he was given the name Kshetrapalakan.

Shiva asked him to go to earth and protect all those people that follow Dharma. He was asked to annihilate those practicing Adharma.

Kshetrapalakan was the kuladevata of many kingdoms of the ancient world. Even today he is worshipped as a family deity by many families in North Kerala and coastal Karnataka.