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Korachan Theyyam – Story – Information

Korachan theyyam is a popular theyyam seen during the annual thira kaliyattam theyyam festival in Kannur region of Kerala. As per information, this theyyam is that of an ardent devotee of Vayanattu Kulavan. As per Korachan theyyam story, his original name was Kottappara Kunjikoran. He used to do all the cleaning related works at a Vayanattu Kulavan temple. He used to light the first lamp and leave the temple after the last lamp extinguished on its own. Out of unparalleled bhakti, he once entered into a trance and killed himself using a bamboo arrow before the Vayanattu Kulavan murti.

Impressed with his unwavering devotion and self sacrifice, Vayanattu Kulavan gave him the status of a devata and a kola roopam was designated for him.

This is a peaceful male theyyam. It sometimes holds a bow and arrow. The theyyam wears a beard.