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Importance Of Shambhu Name Of Shiva – Meaning Of Shambhu

Shambhu is one of the names of Bhagavan Shiva. The word Shambhu is derived from the root bhu, preceded by the word sam, which means sukha (happiness), and followed by the suffix du (antarbhavitanyarthat mitradravaditvat – Varttika on Panini III 2.180)

According to Amarakosha (I.130), Sambhu is one of the 48 names of Shiva (sambhurisah pasupatih sivah sulimaheshvarah). Hindu lexicographers have used the term Shambhu in the sense of Brahma, Shiva and puja (arhata) (cf. Amarakosha III.3.135, Haimakosha II.360). The term occurs in Maitrayani Upanishad (VI.8) in the sense of Rudra/Shiva (sambhurbhavo rudrah).

Shambhu is the transcendental reality, but at the same time he manifests himself as all phenomena, which have him as their only basic source. He has thus a pantheistic character and is ye the Absolute Reality that transcends all phenomena. He is the monistic Absolute of Shaivism and the Godhead (Shakti) in his essential nature. In Hindu tradition, Shambu is the provider of prosperity and happiness to mankind.

The holy man Shambhu is resounded in Sri Rudram of Yajurveda, considered to be the most significant of the four Vedas. The famous Satarudriya forms also form the central portion of this Veda. In Satarudriya, Rudra is called Shiva, Shankara, Shambhu, Isana, Sava and Pashupati and Mahadeva.

Sota Sambhita speaks of Shambhu as present in all the things of the world like dharma, adharma, raga, dveshwa, varnashrama, vaikika marga, tantrika marga and that which exists and which does not exist, all are present in him without any diversification. The wise see him undifferentiated from ananda (happiness), well contemplated chit (mind) and object of wealth.

The human beings who have been caught by maya see all the differences in him. He is present and future, and there is no other person higher than him. Aditya Purana declares that – knowing well that Shambhu as shining in excellence, anyone who chants his names is said to readily possess in his hand moksha, or liberation say the rishis of yore.

Vayaviya Samhita in its second chapter said that Shambhu resides in the midst of akasha (space) and is well accomplished in wealth. He is by name, and by himself, naturally sarveshvara (bhagavan of all). He is to be meditated upon by all those who are desirous of getting liberation.