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Flower And Plant Offered To Yama – Hindu God Of Death

Offerings are made to Yama, the Hindu god of death, to overcome fear of death, for good health and for early curing from life threatening diseases. The favorite plant dedicated to Yama is Gorakhbuti or Mountain knotgrass. This plant is offered to Yama especially during Pradosh period (just before sunset) facing south. It is believed that taking care of the plant will help in having a long life.

The plant and flower is known as -

  • Mountain Knotgrass in English
  • Gorakhbuti in Hindi,
  • Bilesuli in Kannada,
  • Cherula or Cheroola in Malayalam,
  • Chaya in Bengali,
  • Pindi Kura in Telugu,
  • Kapuri Madhura in Marathi
  • Bhui in Rajasthan
  • Polpala in Sinhalese