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Dreaming Of Purgatory – Meaning

Dreaming of purgatory is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is a warning sign about upcoming death, health issues or accident. It also means doing something that normally people don’t do in your age. Dreams of purgatory also mean too much fantasies and superhuman movies or literature are interfering with your thoughts and mind. It also means you will face some serious troubles in near future but you will also get opportunity to come out of it.

Dream of purgatory and you are seen struggling means you will find yourselves in crossroads – confused and like in hell. It also means loss of interest in daily routine. It also means failure. But if you keep yourself cool and go through the troubles you will soon achieve success and redemption.

Dreaming of purgatory and you are not present in the dreams you will not be able to help someone you love when they are deep trouble. You will always regret it.

Dreams of purgatory and you wake up happy or elated means suicidal thoughts. It also means you will decide to destroy something out of anger and only to regret it later.

The dream is usually a warning sign about upcoming problem. You will need to show patience and intelligence to overcome it.