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Dreaming Of Porcelain Dolls – Meaning

Dreaming of porcelain dolls is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be soon obsessed with antique things. It also means discovery of wonderful things of past in an old house. It also means getting obsessed with something that is highly breakable. Dreams of porcelain dolls and you wake up scared or crying means you will have to face darkness or scary situations. It also means someone playing a prank on you.

Dream of porcelain dolls and you are seen playing with them means you will see return of old memories. It also means you would wish you would be able to return to your old innocent and pure ways.

Dreaming of porcelain dolls and they are broken means you will lose something that you treasured but were not a necessity. It also means other people not giving respect to your sentiments.

Dreams of porcelain dolls chasing you or the dream has blood or scary elements mean someone gifting you something unpleasant. It also means you are forced to accept something you do not want to own or keep.