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Bhagavad Gita Chapter X – Verse 11

Out of pure compassion for them, abiding in their hearts, I destroy their darkness born of ignorance, by the effulgent Light of wisdom. (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10 – Verse 11).

They are always engaged in thinking of Me, who dwell in their pure hearts as the Atman, the true, eternal Self. Out of pure compassion and anxiety about how they may attain bliss, I destroy the darkness of their ignorance by the effulgent Light of wisdom. By the Light of wisdom I remove the illusory knowledge caused by the absence of discrimination. The Light of wisdom is the perception of Truth; I give them that perception.’ The passionless heart is like a lamp in which burns the oil of divine grace. The air that keeps it burning is the breeze of love that blows between man and God, and the wind from which it is protected is the desire for things perceived by the senses or the mind. Bhagavan is the divine Light that shines in the heart and illumines the mind from within. That Light must be kept burning by pure devotion, prayer, meditation, chastity, non-attachment, discrimination and other virtues. To such a purified intellectual state, the Spirit reveals itself.

Having heard all that has gone before, Arjuna is delighted. He has drunk in every word Bhagavan has spoken. But he is not yet satisfied. He wants to hear more. It is such a joy to hear Bhagavan relate His own divine qualities and powers and glories. Yes, Arjuna has read all this in the scriptures; rishis have also told him; but no one can describe them as Bhagavan does.

‘Whatever You have said is true,’ says Arjuna. ‘I know it. Thou art the Highest of the high, the Greatest, Brahman itself. But I do not always remember it. Help me remember it always. Tell me again, in greater detail, of Your yoga power and divine attributes so that I may see You everywhere, that everything may remind me of You. Tell me that again and again. I love to hear it. How can I see You in the world with which I am in constant contact? I want to get down to the practical side. I am convinced, but what of that? I want to see, feel and realize.’ And so Arjuna appeals to Sri Krishna in the next verses.