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Arakkuparamba Ardhanariswara Temple In Kerala – Rare Temple Filled With Water – Rare Shivling

Arakkuparamba Ardhanariswara temple, located at Vellingode – Arakkuparamba near Perinthalmanna in Malappuram district, Kerala, is unique in many different ways. Firstly, it is a rare temple dedicated to Ardhanarishvara form (half man half woman) of Shiva. Secondly, the pradakshina path and main sanctum of the temple is always filled with water. Thirdly, the murti is swayambhu and is in such a way that two shilas (granite stones) are fused together (male and female).

The belief is that the temple is located in the spot where a Yogi had darshan of Shiva and Goddess Parvati together. It is believed that they appeared before the Yogi in the Ardhanarishvara form.

When there is clear sunlit sky, one can see the reflection of the murti worshipped in the temple in the waters surrounding the main sanctum sanctorum.

The entire sanctum sanctorum, namaskara mandapam and the path for circumambulation is always filled with water.

The main Shivling in the temple is always filled with water and one can only see it through the water only when there is good sunlight.

On Shivratri day, the water from the main sanctum sanctorum is drained out and one can have direct darshan of the Shivling on the day.

The main upa devatas worshipped in the temple are Thirumandham Kunnil Amma and Thiruvalayanadu Bhagavathy.

The five day annual festival in the temple begins on the Makam nakshatra day in Dhanu Masam (December – January) with tri kodiyettu (flag hoisting). The festival ends with Thiru Arattu on the fifth day.

Another important festival is observed on the Makam nakshatra day in Mithuna Masam (June – July). A three-day Kalam Pattu is held on the occasion. 1008 pot jala abhishekam or water offering is performed to the Goddesses worshipped in the temple during the occasion. This is also a rare temple in Kerala where devotees can perform jala abhishekam directly.

An important puja performed in the temple is Uma Maheshwara puja to solve all kinds of problems in marriage and for early marriage.