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Akash Bhairav In Hindu Religion

Akash Bhairav is a powerful manifestation of Mahadev Shiva in Hindu religion. Akasha Bhairava is associated with chariot wheels. He is the guardian of the infinite space. He resides in the sky and protects his devotees against the attack of negative forces. He is known as the god of the skies.

The deity is worshipped for safe journey. He is propitiated before long journeys by his devotees. 

Usually only head of Akash Bhairav is worshipped in temples. His mount is black dog. In some temples prominence is given to his eyes. They are worshipped in the sanctum sanctorum.

Temples dedicated to Akash Bhairav are mainly found in Nepal. The annual festivals in the temple of Akash Bhairav are a huge affair. Tantric pujas and rituals are offered to the deity.

There is also a popular belief that he resides on the chariot wheels and protects his devotees.

Nepal Airlines uses Akash Bhairav as its logo.