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Wise Words Of Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal Of Sringeri Mutt

A small collection of wise sayings and words of Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal Of Sringeri Mutt.

Happiness will elude a man who in spite of having everything in abundance, craves for more. Contentment is the most essential quality for a man. Without this, a man cannot be happy.

A man devoid of ‘pride’ and the sense of ‘mine’ and having the face turned away from objects of senses, is not affected in any way, whether he lives at home or away from it.

When a man projects himself and forgets God, the supreme dispenser of all karmas, and when he looks upon worldly success and sensual pleasures as the only criteria for measuring fulfillment in life, he begins to suffer.

Humility and strength of character, acquired as a result of a sound education, ensure that the youngster will prosper in his or her profession and stay in the path of Dharma.

It is ignorance that causes one to fail to see the self as distinct from the body, mind, senses etc. This in turn leads to suffering. Understanding that you are not the body and engaging in acts of devotion to Bhagavan are very essential for a beginner on the spiritual path.

If pleasurable objects are lost or if they depart from one independently, they become a source of grief for a long time. If however, they are renounced by one’s own accord, no mental disturbance ensues and one is eventually led to the final beatitude.

Progress in spiritual path is possible only if the mind is pure. Hence one must strive to harbour pure thoughts at all times.

Every day is new. Yesterday’s success does not deserve today’s applause. Bring freshness into each of your activities each day.

Knowledge of the Self is like nectar available in the palm of one’s own hand. But even the realization of it being available comes about only through the upadesa of a truly realized Guru.

Peace is guaranteed only for him in whom all urges or promptings arising out of kama (desire), krodha (anger)... have subsided.

The mind is cleansed by devotion as a garment by caustic water.

A realized sage cannot sin at all. Nor will he sink into empirical life. For, all his wants have been consumed in the fire of self-realization. This is the fruit of perfect knowledge.

The entire empirical universe rests in mind. When a seeker’s mind gets dissolved in Bhagavan, Bhagavan alone exists everywhere and at all times.