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Teachings On Grace Of God In Hinduism - Madhva Bhashya

The miseries of this samsara can be dispensed with only by the grace of Narayana – states Narayana Stuti.

Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu is totally responsible for creation, sustenance, destruction, control, wisdom, ignorance, bondage and salvation. Bhagavan Janardana alone is capable of granting knowledge to the ignorant, moksha to the one with knowledge (aparoksha jnani) and bliss to the muktas (Vishnutattvavinirnaya).

One can realize one’s real chit (self) only by God’s grace. This holds true from the lowest jivatman up to the four-headed Brahma. God is none other than Bhagavan Vishnu. He is the indweller of all jivatmans. He is well known in the Shrutis as mahayogi, having an infinite number of auspicious attributes, supreme and perfect in all respects. He is to be known that way. (Taittiriya Madhva Bhashya)

It is due to the pure grace of Bhagavan Vishnu that a man can totally get rid of his mortal body, go beyond the cyclic life and reach Bhagavan Keshava. (Chandogya Madhva Bhashya)

All spiritual aspirants reach His abode, the last destination, and a place of no return, only by His grace. (Brihadaranyaka Madhva Bhashya).

God is pleased with a devotee whose devotion is of nine types. God yields to devotion and blesses a devotee. (Bhagavata Tatparya).