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Raghavendra Swami And Thomas Munro – Miracle

Raghavendra Swami was a 16th century saint of the Madhva tradition, associated with Mantralaya, the famous center of pilgrimage in Karnataka. There is a famous miracle incident involving Thomas Munro, a district of collect of Bellary in Karnataka. The event took place 150 years after Raghavendra Swami attained Samadhi (popularly known as he entered Brindavan).

Thomas Munro was the district collector of the British regime, around 1850 CE, and during that period the government carried out certain land reform measures. In that process, the gifted lands of the temple were also affected. The temple authorities made a strong appeal to the government to spare these lands, as otherwise temple activities would be adversely affected.

Thomas Munro was deputed to visit the place and assess the situation. Accordingly, he went to Mantralaya. He was take in front of the Brindavan, the resting place of Raghavendra Swami. He removed his hat, bowed down and stood in front of the Brindavan.

Swami Raghavendra appeared before him and spoke. Munro also replied. The conversation lasted for a few minutes. No one else present there saw or heard Swami Raghavendra except Munro. Swami blessed him, offered sacred rice (mantrakshate) in his hand and disappeared, leaving Munro stunned and stupefied.

Later Munro recommended the temple property should not be taken over.

This event has been recorded in the Madras Gazette in the year 1906 CE by Francis.