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Koshadhyaksh In Hinduism – Superintendent Of Treasury

In Chapter II of Kautilya’s Arthashastra, the duties of 29 adhyakshas appointed by the king as the heads of various departments of the state are enumerated. Koshadhyaksh is the superintendent of treasury in ancient Hinduism.

Koshadhyaksha receive jewels, articles of high or low value, and forest produce. He should have many experts working under him, who can value and safely store these articles received by the treasury.

He keeps the king informed about the strength of the treasury. He also takes into account calamities and natural disasters when reports are made. He makes sure there is always an emergency fund to face the unexpected.

Rare artifacts are stored by Koshadhyaksha in hidden chambers and in numerous different places. Along with king, he alone has knowledge about hidden treasures.