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Karukalakki Theyyam – Information – Story

Karukalakki Theyyam is a very rare theyyam seen during the annual thira kaliyattam and theyyam festival in Kasaragod region of Kerala. As per information, this theyyam is that of a person who did something beneficial to the people of region and is a mantra moorthi theyyam. Karukalakki theyyam story is associated with dye. For great courage, sacrifice the person was given a spot in a sacred place. The people perform a theyyam as a thanksgiving for the immense benefit he provided to the community through selfless sacrifice. They theyyam is also performed to keep him calm and happy.

Karukalakki Theyyam is annually performed at the Cherkala Padi Meethale Veedu Kamalon Tharavad Devasthanam temple in Kasaragod on March 7 night.

This theyyam is worshipped for peace and prosperity and for success in agriculture and other livelihoods.