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Karthika Chamundi Theyyam – Story – Information

Karthika Chamundi Theyyam is a powerful theyyam associated agriculture and is worshipped at Kanhangad Arayi Karthika Chamundi Kavu temple in Kasaragod district during the annual kaliyattam thira and vela festival. As per information, this theyyam protects the paddy field and other farms. Karthika Chamundi theyyam story is that of her appearing before the elder of a family which had huge agricultural fields. She promised to protect them and for this she was given a space in a sacred place (Ariya Karthika Kavu).

She arrives along with Theyyayathu Kari and Gulikan theyyam on a boat from Arayi Karthika Kavu to Kalichan Kavu.

It is believed that this theyyam protects the seeds and when they are sown. The success of paddy depends on the blessing of this deity. She is also propitiated for wealth and fertility.

This theyyam is performed from October 26 to October 27 every year at Kanhangad Arayi Karthika Chamundi kavu temple.