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Kariyathan Theyyam – Information – Story

Kariyathan Theyyam is a rare theyyam performed along with Thekkan Kariyathan during the annual theyyam, thira, kaliyattam festival in certain rare temples or kavu in Kannur region of Kerala. As per information, Kariyathan is Mahadevan or Shiva. The story of Kariyathan theyyam is that of him appearing before an elderly member of a family and the deity being given a seat or place of worship (aaroodam). In some instances, Kariyathan rescues the region from a demon or enemies. A theyyam is annually performed to get the blessings of the deity and to keep the deity calm and peaceful.

Kariyathan Theyyam is worshipped to achieve peace, prosperity, good health and for desire fulfillment especially those related to marriage and job.

Kariyathan Theyyam is performed from January 7 to January 8 at Blaathoor Sree Thazhe Pallyath Bhairavan Kottam and at Irikkur Blathur Thazhe Pallyath Bhairavan Kottam from January 6 to January 8.