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Kannikoru Makan Theyyam – Story – Information - Kannikkorumakan

Kannikoru Makan is a very popular theyyam performed in many kavu, tharavadu and temples in Kannur and Kasaragod regions of Kerala during the annual theyyam thira and kaliyattam festival. As per information, the theyyam is associated with traditional medicine and cure. Kannikoru Makan theyyam story connects him with Dhanwantari, the god of medicine and Ayurveda.

Kannikkorumakan was born to a virgin princess, Vakhathoor Akkam Thammasseri. Once she was kidnapped by bandits. She escaped and took refuge on Kudaku hills. Here she performed intense penance and meditation and pleased Mahadeva Shiva who blessed her with a boy. To avoid yonidosha the child was transformed from the womb to a granite stone. The child was born breaking up the granite stone. On this birth, there was rain, wind and animals howled and cried all around. He was predicted to rule the land.

The child was named Vakhathoor Kelu. He became an expert in medicine and use of various weapons. He was an expert physician and could cure even the incurable disease.

When he became a teenager, his mother told him that he is a prince and he is the next ruler of Puthuradi Kotta. His mother gave him an amulet which belonged to her. She told him that he will be recognized by her brother when he sees the amulet. Thus the teenager reaches the fort and he is made the ruler of the land.

Later, Vakhathoor Kelu along with Sastha toured the region killing demons and curing people of diseases. He became very famous as a physician and came to known as Kannikoru Makan – the son of a virgin mother.

The deity is offered prayers for early cure of diseases. It is believed that worship of him will help in curing deadly diseases.