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Kadavathu Bhagavathy Theyyam – Story – Information

Kadavathu Bhagavathy theyyam is performed in Kasaragod region of Kerala during the annual thira kaliyattam and theyyam festival. As per information, this is a Devi Goddess Bhagavathy theyyam. Kadavathu Bhagavathy theyyam story is associated with Kalakattu Tantri. One day the tantri was immersed in performing tantra and mantra. A child was crying stop in the home and the tantri asked someone to stop the crying of the baby. The Devi who was worshipped in the house by the tantri killed the child to stop it from crying. When Kalakattu Tantri found out about the cruelty committed by the Goddess, he threw the abode of Goddess (kalum palakayum) far away from his compound. The items fell in a forest area belonging to Edamana Tantri. The tantri gave a space to the goddess in his home but threw away Kalum Palakayum into a river. The two items floated in the river and reached on a bank near Arayi region. As she made her abode near riverbank, she came to be known as Kadavathu Bhagavathy.

This theyyam is worshipped to keep bad luck, disease, and accidents away from home. She is also worshipped for the long life of babies.

Kadavathu Bhagavathy theyyam is performed at Kanhangad Arayi Thayathara Kadavathu Bhagavathy Kavu temple (November 24 to November 25), Kanhangad Arayi Erath Mundya Devalayam temple (December 1 to December 4), and Kanhangad Arayi Sree Valiya Veedu Tharavad Devasthanam temple (November 23 to November 24) in Kasaragod district of Kerala.