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How A True Disciple Approaches A True Guru? – Vivekachudamani

Vivekachudamani (verses 35-6, 39-40) explains how a true disciple approaches a true Guru.

I submit myself to you, Master, friend of those who bow down to you, and a river of selfless kindness. Raise me from the ocean of the world by a straightforward glance of your eyes that pours forth the nectar-like grace supreme. I am burnt by the unquenched hot fire of relentless life and torn by the winds of misery. Save me from death, for, terrified, I take refuge in you, finding no other rest. Sprinkle me with your nectar-like words, which brings the joy of eternal Bliss, pure and cooling, for I am burnt by the hot, scorching flame of the world’s fire. Blessed are they on whom a passing glance of your eyes rests even for a moment, and who accept you as their own. How shall I cross the ocean of the world? Where is the path? Which way should I follow? I know not, Master. Be gracious to save me from the pain of the world’s wound.’

Then the master is pleased. His compassion is aroused and he answers the disciple: ‘Fear not, wise one. There is no danger for you. There is a way to cross over the ocean of the world, the way by which sages have gone beyond it. This same path I will show you. Crossing the ocean of the world by this path you will attain the supreme Bliss.’