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How Different Our Lives Would Be If We Knew God?

How different our lives would be if we knew God. For when we know Him we will know ourselves and all beings. Then we will know that we are all Spirit—blissful, divine beings, all united in Spirit. We will see that our personalities are simply so many shapes and forms through which the one Spirit manifests. Then the brotherhood of men will be truly established in our hearts. We will not care so much for this body of ours that now claims our entire attention. Hatred, envy and jealousy will vanish forever. We will take our place in the play of life as long as the body lasts and then will lie down contentedly when the last hour comes, for we will enter peace. Our life will be sinless and our mind peaceful, free from anxiety and egotism and self-seeking. The entire universe and everything in it will be surrounded by a halo of bliss.

When we know God we realize that everything comes from Him, that everything lives in Him and that everything will return to Him in the end.

When we know God in His true and highest aspect, then we have reached perfection. Evolution for us has accomplished its purpose; we stand free, sinless, undeluded. Then we shall know that God alone is Real and everything else is unreal. By Real is meant unchanging, eternal, and by unreal or false is meant that which is subject to change. The Spirit is Real. Nothing, nothing can affect it, because It is beyond time, space and causation. Matter is unreal. It is subject to these: birth, existence, growth, change, decay and death.