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Gurunathan Daivam Theyyam – Information Story

Gurunathan theyyam is a very rare theyyam performed during the annual theyyam – thira – kaliyattam festival in Kannur and Kasaragod region of Kerala. As per information, this is the theyyam of a teacher or guru who attained divine status through piety and sharing knowledge of both traditional texts and marital art forms. Gurunathan theyyam story is that of a warrior and learned person attaining divine status and helping people to overcome numerous troubles. The person is given a place in worship places and is given a theyyam status as respect.

The theyyam is worshiped for gaining knowledge and for peace and prosperity. It is believed that this theyyam helps in defeating enemies and also in attaining strength and speed. The theyyam is offered prayers by athletes, sportspersons and martial art learners.

This theyyam is performed at Kannur Karivellur Koolikkavu Shree Vishnumurthy temple.

This is a male theyyam and appears usually in a peaceful form although he holds sword and shield.