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Goddess Cheerumba - ചീറുമ്പ

Goddess Cheerumba (ചീറുമ്പ) is a powerful goddess associated with theyyam kavukal in Kannur and Kasaragod districts of Kerala. The popular belief is that the Goddess appeared from the tears of Goddess Parvati.

The origin of Goddess Cheerumba story is that of Shiva being worried about the actions of his children Dandan and Veerabhadran. They started using their strength for adharmic purposes. Their demonic actions worried Shiva. Seeing Shiva concerned, Goddess Parvati shed tears. From the tear that fell from the left eye  appeared Goddess Cheerumba. She was kind and peaceful in nature.

On seeing Goddess Cheerumba, Dandan and Veerabhadran realized that their strength was nothing before the strength of the Mother Goddess. They begged for forgiveness and promised to adopt Dharmic ways. The Goddess forgave them and blessed them with intelligence and good knowledge.

It is said that on seeing the Goddess, Dandan and Veerabhadran chanted Karum Ambe Karum Ambe. Therefore the Goddess is also known as Kurumba.