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God In All – Story Of Sant Eknath

Sant Eknath once visited Varanasi and the sacred Ganga. It is customary among Hindus to carry some Ganga water from Varanasi to the Rameswaram temple in the South to perform abhisheka (sacred bath) to the Shivalinga there. Eknath decided to follow the custom. But Bhagavan Shiva decided to encounter him on the way.

Eknath had crossed the River Godavari. In the scorching midday sun he saw a donkey writhing around with a parched throat. He didn’t hesitate. He poured the Ganga water in the mouth of that suffering animal.

Those who accompanied Eknath were scandalized. They said, ‘That’s a transgression. Why did you do that? You shouldn’t have offered the donkey the Ganga water meant for Mahadev Shiva’s worship.’

Without a word, Eknath devotedly gazed at the animal’s belly with folded hands. So did the others. What did they see there? A Shivling inside the animal’s stomach, accepting Eknath’s abhisheka! Eknath chanted hymns when Mahadev Shiva was being given the ceremonial bath. The others were astounded at Eknath’s devoted heart that felt one with all beings.