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Dreaming Of Unknown Man – Meaning

Dreaming of unknown man is a warning about some kind of problem in near future as per dream meaning and interpretation. You need to be careful about people and the place you visit in near future. After seeing a unknown man in dream, you should avoid traveling alone to unknown places. You should not travel at night alone with strangers.

Dreaming of making love or sex with unknown man means you will get into a bad relationship.

The dream of angry unknown man or the man doing some bad means you might face death in the family. It also means being witness to something illegal or gruesome. It also means theft or damage to property

Dreaming of walking with unknown man means you will be forced to travel to a place you have never been before as part of work or personal issue.

Dreaming of eating food with unknown man means someone whom you trusted might cheat you or the person might abandon you when you need the person most.

Dreaming of unknown man and you are happy means you will get into a healthy relationship soon.