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Dreaming Of Universe – Meaning

Dreaming of universe is a good omen sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will soon be joining something new and exciting. It also means fulfillment of desires especially associated with opposite gender. The dream is asking you expand your views and ideas and not to get bogged down by religion and rules. Dreams of universe also mean you will show interest in spirituality and in finding answers to questions of god and universe.

Dream of universe and if the color is red or orange means you will get promotion or new job or recognition. It also means finding a solution to a perplexing question.

Dream of black universe means you will turn religious and seek solace in spirituality after a serious setback in life.

Dreaming of blue color universe means you will soon move to a new place and you will make progress here. It also means marriage or new relationship. It also means power and position.

Dreaming of yellow color universe is associated with lack of motivation and bad health.

Dreams of universe and you see huge blast or debris is a sign of death or accident.