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Dreaming Of Playing With Dog – Meaning

Dreaming of playing with dog is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will realize the importance of simple moments in life. It also means spending time away from office or career. It means a period of happiness and no stress or tension. Dreams of playing with dog and it is an unknown dog means you will adopt a pet. It also means you trying to overcome a loss through loving a pet.

Dream of playing with dog and you know the dog means you will take leave from work. It also means going on vacation or deciding to make a lifestyle change.

Dreaming of playing with dog and you see other people means get together or function. It also means you will decide to change something very important in life.

Dreams of playing with an unknown dog and you see opposite sex means you will try to impress someone with something you are totally ignorant about. It also means embarrassment.