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Dreaming Of Kicking Someone – Meaning

Dreaming of kicking someone is a kind of warning about future as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means unexpected changes and staying away from current location due to a problem created by you. Dreams of kicking someone mean anger, frustration, prejudice, financial damage, accident or problems in business or unhealthy competition in career.

Dreams of kicking someone and you getting kicked back means you will face problems from opposite sex, fight with strangers or you will be blamed for something you had not done.

Dream of kicking someone in an unknown place means you can expect change of residence or transfer to an undesired location. It also means your intelligence getting clouded by anger and resulting in serious problems.

Dreaming of kicking someone and see people you known means you will face problems in relationship. A friend or relative might cheat you. It also means difference of opinion in family turns serious and ugly.

Dream of kicking someone and you see people or authorities mean you will make unwanted decisions which will spoil your career. You might also be asked to change the current residence or job.