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Dreaming Of Kicking A Cat – Meaning

Dreaming of kicking a cat is a negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you taking out the anger on someone on an animal or thing or a stranger. It means anger and frustration. It also means you getting scolded or accused of something. Dreams of kicking a cat also means something you had thought would be good for you will soon turn into a nuisance.

Dream of kicking a cat and the cat is still lying in the same place means in spite of all your efforts you will not able to solve a nagging problem. It also means getting into trouble through an action which you thought was normal.

Dreaming of kicking a cat and the cat fighting back means you will be attacked by animals. It also means you undermining the strength of the opponent and this causing embarrassment and damage both physical and mental.

Dreams of kicking a cat and you see lot of cats means you causing problems to your community by attacking someone who has the backing of gang or community.