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Dreaming Of Buying Apples – Meaning

Dreaming of buying apples is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means get together, arrival of guests or happiness in the family. The dream also means relationship with opposite sex. It also suggests you will be carried away by someone’s looks and will do things without giving much thought. Dreaming of buying apples and you look worried or sad or in hurry means diseases or hospital visit in near future.

Dream of buying apples and they are changing color means you will be unable to make a decision. It also means you will be financially cheated.

Dreaming of buying apples and they are in bad condition or not of good quality means financial trouble or sudden loss of wealth.

Dreams of buying apples and you see other people in the dream means happiness and spending time with people you like.

Dream of thousands of apple and you are seen buying them means vacation or visit to a place far away from home.