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Dreaming Of A Broken Zipper – Meaning

Dreaming of a broken zipper is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will face unexpected problems especially related to the malfunctioning of a part of cloths. It also means a new cloth causing embarrassment in public. Dreams of broken zipper and you wake up happy means you will realize the futility of something you had signed in for and will back out. It also means you realizing an important truth about a relationship.

Dream of broken zippers and they are all of different colors means you will be forced to do something you do not like. It also means violence or physical attack on you during a party.

Dreams of broken zipper and you are trying to collect it or fix it means you will waste money on spurious products of no value. It also means you will waste your time and energy on worthless projects or things.

Dreaming of broken zipper and you see other people in the dream means embarrassment in public due to dress malfunction or makeup trouble. It also means your friends or well wishers not informing about something bad.