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Dharma And Adharma In Jainism – Motion And Rest

In Jainism, Dharma and Adharma are ajiva a Jaina concept of the inanimate category of the universe. Dharma and Adharma are arupa or without form.  Dharma is the principle of motion which makes motion of the jiva or matter possible and adharma is the principle of rest. They pervade the whole universe.

Dharma does not make jiva or pudgala (matter) move but if it is to move, it can do so only in the presence of dharma. Similarly, adharma does not interfere with moving objects but like the earth it is the condition of rest for objects on it. Neither dharma nor adharma have sense qualities. Empirically, they are considered to possess a number of pradeshas (space points) but transcendentally they are considered as each possessing one pradesha only. They are considered to be responsible for the systematic character of the universe.