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Dhanvantari Mantram In Malayalam – ധന്വന്തരി മന്ത്രം – Lyrics Lines

Dhanvantari Mantram (ധന്വന്തരി മന്ത്രം) containing the lines Dhanwantare Amritahastaya lines is a powerful mantra dedicated to Hindu God Dhanwantari, the God of Medicine. Below is the Dhanvantari mantra lines or lyrics in Malayalam text. It is chanted for early cure to health problems and also for curing all kinds of diseases afflicting the family. The main benefits of chanting Dhanvantari gayatri mantra include improving intelligence, self-confidence, fearlessness, brilliance, power of speech (skill in lecturing, talking etc.) and good health.

ധന്വന്തരി മന്ത്രം 
ഓം നമോ ഭഗവതേ വാസുദേവായ 
ധന്വന്തരയേ അമൃതകലശഹസ്തായ 
ത്രൈലോക്യനാഥായ മഹാവിഷ്ണവേ നമഃ 

 How To Chant Dhanvantari Mantram?

Previous night put few tulsi leaves in a copper glass filled with water.
Wake up next day just before sunrise.
Take bath and offer prayers to Ganesha.
Wear neat dress and sit facing northeast.
Drink the water with tulsi leaves.
Chant the Dhanvantari Mantram.