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Choices And Consequences – Teachings Based On Hinduism

When we make choices we should be ready to endure its consequences. But quite often we are happy to make the choices but not prepared to face the consequences. Hindu scriptures are full of such instances where characters both divine and human make choices and then struggle to accept its consequences.

Those choices that are made with selfish motives often cause problems. When the choice we make is associated with gains or pleasure or hatred or revenge, we will surely end up with bad consequences.

Choices made out of selflessness will always have a good result. When we are not bothered about the result of the choices we make, it helps us in overcoming the consequences. This is because we are more interested in the journey and not the destination. When we are ready to take responsibility of the choices we make we show maturity and this helps in facing the consequences. But majority of the time we make choices to fulfill our selfish desires and quite often we forget that we are making use of other people for our selfishness.

It is better to avoid choices and consequences by being the flowing river. Don’t be attached to anything or any person. Take whatever that comes in our way and happily drop on the banks when they are ready to be dropped. Do not forcibly carrying anything with us. Let go when it is time.

Stop searching for happiness outside then we can completely avoid choices and consequences altogether.