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Birthplace Of Tulsidas – Author Ramacharitamanasa – Popular Ramayana Version

Sukarkhet – Rajapur is believed to be the birthplace of Tulsidas author of Ramacharitmanasa, a popular Ramayana version. Sukar Khet finds mention in Ramcharitmanas, the immortal work of the great saint-poet Goswami Tulsidas. The village Rajapur is situated 6 km from this Sukarkhet. Rajapur is believed by most scholars to be the birthplace of Tulsidas. However, this has not yet been accepted conclusively.

Sukarkhet is said to be the place where Tulsidas had first listened to the story of the Ramayana from his Guru (religious preceptor).

Several places have been laying their claim to this honor, mainly Soron, district Eatah of Uttar Pradesh and Paska, district Gonda of Uttar Pradesh. But now scholars are nearly unanimous about the latter. Paska is situated at the confluence of Sarju and Ghaghra River, about 20 km southeast of N.E. Railway station of Colonelganj in district Gonda of Uttar Pradesh.

The crucial reference to this place is found in Ramcharitmanas as follows –
Main puni nija Guru san suni Katha so Sukarkheta
Samujhi nahin tasa balappan main ati raheun aceta

The area covering Paska mentioned above and the Varahi temple close by is called Sukrakhet even today. Paska possesses the dilapidated hermitage of Narahari Dasa, said to be the Guru of Tulsidas, who had narrated the story of the Ramayana to him. There is an image of Varaha avatar of Bhagavan Vishnu installed by Naraharidasa in this cottage, as this was the place considered to be sanctified by Varaha Avatara. The existence of the Varahi temple close by adds to the claim of this area as Sukrakhet.

The Sukarkhet of Ramcharitmanas mentioned by Beni Madhava Dasa, a disciple of Goswami, has also been identified as this place (Gosain Carita).