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Bhagavan Appears As Servant Before Sant Eknath – Story – Power Of Devotion

True and unwavering devotion (bhakti) can do miracles. There is a story of Bhagavan himself appearing as servant before Sant Eknath.

Bhagavan appeared before Eknath one day as an orphan and asked to be permitted to serve him. Eknath was impressed with the boy’s physical features. He also understood that he had a pure heart.

‘What’s your name, my boy?’ he asked. ‘Khandya Krishna,’ the boy said.

Eknath said, ‘Look, my dear, I know only how to serve others, not how to accept their service. Moreover, I have no means to pay you a salary. But I can’t tell why, I don’t feel like turning you away either.’

‘Please don’t worry about my salary, sir. I have heard that many devotees assemble at your place to hear your expositions. I would consider it a great blessing to be of service to you all. You don’t need to pay me anything. I shall be content to have just the tulsi water sanctified by your puja.’

Eknath retained him. Khandya soon won the heart of the household: there was no work he did not do, and he did everything to perfection.

There are numerous such miracles in Hindu religion. People have had experience of Hanuman, Sri Rama, Ganpati and Krishna Bhagavan taking various forms and appearing before them. And this is the result of intense and unwavering devotion. These devotees have no desire. All they want is to remember Bhagavan always.