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Bhagavad Gita Chapter IX – Verse 32 and Verse 33

For taking refuge in Me, O son of Pritha, they who might be of inferior birth — women, vaishyas as well as shudras — even they attain the supreme Goal. (Bhagavad Gita chapter IX verse 32).

What need is there then to speak of the holy brahmins and the devoted royal sages. Having come into this transitory and joyless world, worship Me. (Bhagavad Gita chapter IX verse 33).

Bhagavad Gita chapter IX verse 32 Explanation

It is always the one command: ‘Take refuge in Me.’ Why? Because God is the only true Existence, the only Real part of the whole universe and every being. Truth, which is God, alone can save us, not falsehood, not appearance, not unreality. And Truth not only can, but is sure to save us, no matter who or what we are, as long as we take refuge in Him, who is Truth. Whether we are men or women, of high birth or low birth, matters not at all with God. It is not a question of birth or position, but of heart. Women and the two lower classes are especially mentioned by Sri Krishna because in those days they were not supposed to give their time to the study of the Vedas. But Bhagavan does not care for our learning or good qualities or training. Only love is required and love makes all equal before Him. Is there love? Is there devotion? Is there sincerity and perseverance? That is the question. So even those of inferior birth, less favourably placed for spiritual aspirations — even they attain the supreme Goal through bhakti. How much easier it is then for those born under more favourable conditions.

Bhagavad Gita chapter IX verse 33 Explanation

If those of inferior birth and lower station in life, less educated, not versed in the holy scriptures and occupied with business and menial service, come to Me through devotion, how much easier it should be for the holy brahmins and rajarshis, kings who have attained to sainthood.

Brahmins are the highest caste in India, the priest caste, and as such they have opportunities for spiritual progress as no other caste has. Their entire life is set aside for the study of the scriptures and the worship of God. That is what society expects them to do, and they have no care or anxiety about their wants; society looks after that. Therefore it ought to be easier for them to reach the spiritual goal. And for the saintly kings, too, it ought to be easier as their wealth and position makes them independent and they need not slave for their maintenance like those born in lower castes.

It follows then that the way is open to all. God is the door through which we all may enter nirvana. If we long for freedom, then we all (no matter who we are) have the opportunity, for God is the same to all. ‘Therefore, Arjuna, as you have come into this world, where everyone may run to gain the spiritual prize, do you also worship Me. Remember, this world is transitory, a question of only a few years. And it is a joyless place after all for one who has tasted spiritual bliss. Now that you have attained a human birth, make the best of it. Animals are not fit for spiritual life. Their instincts never rise above the sense plane. And the devas are so much engaged in enjoyment that they forget everything else. You are a kshatriya and everything is favourable for spiritual development. Do not waste your life. Think of Eternity; take refuge in Me.’