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Ananda Bazaar At Bhubaneswar – Food or Mahaprasad Bhog Of Ananta Vasudeva Temple Is Sold Here

Food or Mahaprasad Bhog of Ananta Vasudeva temple is sold at the Ananda Bazaar at Bhubaneswar. The place is located a door opposite to the Ananta Vasudeva temple. Suras have the hereditary rights to receive a portion of Mahaprasad Bhog of the temple and they sell it to devotees. Ananta Vasudeva temple prasad timings are from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

There are a number of stalls selling the Mahaprasad at Ananda Bazaar. After the Mahabhoga is offered at the temple around 10:30 AM, the food is distributed to Suras who bring it to the Ananda Bazaar.

The food is available from around 11:00 AM to 6:30 PM. During normal days, food enough to feed 2000 people is sold here. Leftovers have to be discarded and cannot be sold the next day. So Suras make sure that the food is sold on the day itself.

Food is served at Ananda Bazaar on banana leaves. A devotee can select a particular stall and order the Mahaprasad items the devotee wants. Similar food is offered in all the stalls.

The food collected from the Suras stays hot for nearly 4 hours.

The food items sold include five or six varieties of rice, two types of dal, seven to eight types of sabzi, three to four types of chutney, sweet (payash) and rabdi. All the vegetables are prepared from indigenous items. Only vegetables traditionally grown in Odisha are used so one will not find food items made of capsicum, carrots, cauliflower, tomato, potato etc.

For family functions like marriage etc people of Bhubaneswar can book bulk orders and even specify the items required for the feast.